Amy Chase

Amy Chase. Sassy, soulful, uncompromising, will work for milkshake.

Everywhere from Sydney Opera House to ANZ stadium to Crown Casino Melbourne alongside everyone from Darryl Braithwaite to Jessica Mauboy.

Amy Chase seems like she was born to hold the world (or at least the dance floor) in her hands. Amy's powerful, dynamic and disarming vocals have graced Commonwealth Bank, Virgin, Optus, MUMM, David's Jones, Sunrise, X Factor.

If you haven't met Amy Chase now is the time.

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Victoria’s career in the music industry only began in 2014, but since her very humble beginnings, she has enjoyed plenty of enviable accomplishments. 

Working alongside top Musicians for corporate, private and major public events. Proud moments include travelling to Vanuatu to perform at an exclusive New Years Eve party to being able to form her own band in her hometown. 

A Cairns local, she attributes her success in such a high-pressure industry to her professionalism and ever developing musical talents.

Victoria’s on-stage prowess lies within her stunning vocal versatility,  there’s no genre she won’t want to try. From deep house sensuality to diva-like power, you can rely on her to meet the event brief and keep the guests entertained, sonically and atmospherically.

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Dane Laboyrie

Dane Laboyrie is one of Australia's leading session musicians, specialising in trumpet & Vocals. 

He has carved his own unique path through the Australian music industry and is well respected and regarded as one of the most reliable, versatile and in-demand musicians in the country. 

Dane completed a Bachelor of Jazz Performance at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music where he spent four years studying under some of the best musicians & educators in Australia. 

Due to Dane's versatility, professionalism and passion for all music, he has created and defined his very own space in the Australian music industry. 

This means you can find him joining some of the biggest stars in the world like Taylor Swift, Hugh Jackman and Michael Buble, or you can find him Jumping off speaker boxes in Australia's iconic nightclubs with artists like The Potbelleez. 

Dane can also regularly be found in the Theatre Orchestra pits playing for some of the biggest broadway musicals like Aladdin and Wicked or fronting his own Jazz quartet at festivals and in late night jazz clubs. 

Over the years, Dane’s inclusion in many different high profile musical events and performances has left him with experience and musical maturity that far exceeds his age.

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